Text / SMS Messaging

Similar to the Email messaging feature, you can send text messages to your members, notifying them of schedule changes and other important gym updates.

Before you can send text messages, you will need to pick a new phone number to use as the source of the messages. Unfortunately, we can't use your actual current number (it would be a security issue if that was possible). 

You can search for a local number by the area code. Text messaging rates apply and differ by region. In the example above, the cost per message per recipient is 0.5c ($0.005), and the cost for a monthly number for texting is 80c per month ($0.80 / month). Rates are provided by our text partner, Plivo. You can cancel your number at any time from the marketing settings.

Once your number is set up, you'll be able to send messages. 

Text messages have a character limit of 160 (or 80 characters if you use non-latin characters). Longer messages can be sent but are broken into multiple messages per 160 characters (modern phones will show those as one message). You can see in the bottom-left how many messages will be sent in practice.

Sent messages will appear in the messaging history. Learn more about the messaging history.